The story of nougats!

The recipes of our Persian Nougats have been evolved by the most famous “Khalifehs” in the city of Isfahan during the last century. Now, the magical traditional Persian taste combined with the original Canadian ingredients and modern cooking methods have made our products unique and exclusive.

The wall painting in the audience hall of Chihil Sutun palace shows “Nadr Muhammad Khan” who came to the Persian court with the courage of gathering support to reclaim his throne in Transoxiana, which he had fled after the occupation of Balkh by “Shah Jahan”. He was received by “Shah Abbas II”, the King of Persia, with a great ceremony and promise of military aid. The Kings of Persia in Safavid and Qajar dynasties (From 17th century) welcomed their special guests during the great ceremonies by “Gaz-e-Isfahan” (Persian Nougat) and sent it as respected gift and souvenir to the kings of other countries and territories.